From the Editor
There is a Chinese saying that people may tend to get sleepy during Spring and Autumn. Although we have had seven-day vacation during early October to help us relax a bit, it’s still not easy to come back from the holiday get well-prepared for the cooler weather. We should pay more attention to our biological clock, and making sure you get enough sleep at night, setting aside time for relaxation activities, such as yoga or reading after consuming quite a lot of energy during this past extremely hot summer.

According to the Chinese traditional medical science, one important thing to do so as to stay in good health is to drink enough water to maintain appropriate hydration of your body. Refer to Healthy You section for more information.

Check out the Services Spotlight to find out more about our new Second Opinion offering, brought to you through our partnership with the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. Second Opinion means a second specialist studies the patient's medical file and provides an additional opinion on the diagnosis and treatment options. This service breaks the barrier of geographical regions and time zones with modern tools – and patients can make more confident decisions about their health care.

Read on to find out why members of our Operations Team are dressed up like Einstein. In the What’s New section, you’ll find out about a special video game developed by Cigna and non-profit HopeLab for teenagers with cancer. The game, called Re-Mission 2, is designed to help patients better understand their disease and comply with treatment, as well as deliver emotional benefits

Wishing all of you a breezy and pleasant autumn!