Meet Your Service Team 
Local: Einstein CRM launch photo  

(From left to right: Candy Wan; Leo Chen, Cherry Zhu, Jean Wang and Gloria Huang.)
Hello! We are the members of the Operations Team in Shanghai, China.

In these photos, we are celebrating the launch of our new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, Einstein. To commemorate this important milestone, we donned Einstein costumes and had a lunchtime celebration.

Einstein is a more advanced CRM system than our previous system, designed to shorten turnaround times on requests handling and claims processing to offer more convenience to you, our customers. We hope you will see the results of this new program as we continuously strive to improve the service we provide you.
Overseas: USA
Naomi Chisholm, Customer Service Representative
Hi, I am Naomi, and I have been with the Cigna team since October 2012.

My team handles your calls when my colleagues in China are unable to so that your questions are handled promptly and seamlessly.

It’s important to me and my team members to provide the kind of service to customers that we would want to receive ourselves. I strive to provide the answers to my customers’ questions quickly, and also try to let them know of other ways we can help. We are here because of our customers, so we should always show we are here for them, too. The customer is the heart of Cigna's success. And we need to do our very best in keeping the customer confident in us.