Services Spotlight
The CIGNA & CMC CARE+ health management product was designed to bring additional health and wellness solutions including International Employee Assistance Program (IEAP), Expert Second Opinions and a free Health and Well-Being Assessment.
Care+: Expert Second Opinions
CIGNA & CMC has a partnership with the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic to provide comprehensive expert online medical second opinions to you and covered family members, should someone receive a life-threatening or life-altering diagnosis. The confidential, easy-to-use service removes geographic barriers and connects you to trusted health care advice during a time of personal health crisis.
The Cleveland Clinic has been one of America’s most respected medical referral institutions for more than 85 years. Remote access to a trusted team of physicians can help you make more confident decisions about your health care.
Each opinion is provided by a Cleveland Clinic doctor who specializes in the condition and provides a review of the diagnosis and prescribed medical treatment. Support from the Cleveland Clinic, in addition to the second opinion, includes a telephone consultation and secure email communication with a nurse. You can also view the biography of the lead physician assigned to your case and ask questions related to the diagnosis through the Cleveland Clinic’s secure website. The Cleveland Clinic’s secure website also allows you to monitor the status of your second opinion and, upon request, to send a copy of the opinion to your primary doctor.
How to Use eCleveland Clinic
  • Register online through the link to eCleveland Clinic on CignaEnvoy, which you can access through the “Health and Wellness” tab at the top right of the webpage.
  • You will need to set up a username and password to ensure secure log-in.
  • Complete a condition-specific questionnaire and send all important medical records and original materials – such as X-rays, MRI scans, and pathology slides – to the clinic in Ohio, U.S.A. These records can be submitted by mail, fax transmission, or scanned email attachments. It is important to note that you must have a first opinion in order to complete this process.
  • The Cleveland Clinic physician will review all the submitted materials and publish a second opinion to the secure eCleveland website.
  • Review the second opinion and request that a copy be sent to your doctor.
  • A Cleveland Clinic nurse coordinator will follow up with you either by telephone or email to ensure that you understand the medical information provided. You also have the opportunity to raise questions and address concerns.