Six Steps for Successful Claims Submission for Services Written
and Incurred in Mainland China
The Chinese Government has mandates that make submitting claims on services written and provided in Mainland China different from how they are handled elsewhere in the world. The following steps need to be followed so we can quickly process your claims in a compliant manner.
If you have any queries or need assistance, please contact Customer Services at Tel: +86 21 6086 3108 400 or Email: We’re happy to help.
Complete an original claim application form (no copies, photos or scans, please.) This form can be found here on Cigna Envoy (click on “Download Forms” in the upper right corner under “Member Quick Links,”) in your Cigna & CMC welcome kit or you can call Customer Services at the number provided above.
1. Please complete this form and sign it, making sure to include your bank information so you can receive reimbursement fast and easy.
2. Provide the original Fapiao, which is the physical hard-copy receipt that you will get from your healthcare services or pharmaceutical provider. An Official receipt (Fapiao) must have your name or the patient’s name (covered partner or dependant) on it.
We unfortunately cannot process your claim without it, and we are not allowed to accept hard-copy replications or soft copies of the original Fapiao..

3. Include all copies of the medical documents associated with the claim, such as the physician’s summary and/or medical records with your name (member) or patient’s name (covered partner or dependant) and the doctor’s signature or chop on them. (A “chop” is the official seal of the provider, or their corporate stamp.)
4. For inpatient/hospital treatment, include the Discharge Summary that includes the breakdown of charges or itemized invoice (For Example: Name of medication, type of immunization/vaccination, or list or procedures incurred (i.e.: Lab works, surgery procedures, or nursing charges).
5. If the claim is over RMB 10,000, please include a copy of your (or the patient’s) valid identification (i.e. ID card, Passport, or driving license), as this is required.
Please send the applicable required documents and information as referenced above to:
CIGNA & CMC Life Insurance Co Ltd, Unit 704-706, Block E, Poly Plaza, No. 18 Dong Fang Road, Shanghai, 200120 PRC.

  After receiving all necessary documentation and information, CIGNA & CMC will process the claim within 10 working days and will provide direct payment in RMB currency.
Required Documents In Patient (IP) Out Patient (OP) Wellness/ Routine check ups Vision Routine Immunization Dental
*Completed claim application form
*Original Fapiao;
Copy of Medical record, Diagnosis Report or completed Section C of claim form        
Copy of Discharge Summary report with Doctor’s signature or chop          
Copy of breakdown of charges or itemized invoice
Copy of prescription with Diagnosis (for refill of medication)          
Copy of Optometry report          
Documents with (*) must be the original documents – no copies, photos or scans.