Cigna and HopeLab are on a mission
In 2007, Cigna teamed up with HopeLab to distribute a special video game for teenagers with cancer. The game, called Re-Mission, was designed to help patients better understand their disease and comply with treatment, as well as deliver emotional benefits. We helped get free Re-Mission CDs and DVDs into the hands of virtually every teen and young adult in the United States who was diagnosed with cancer that year.

Now, we have an even bigger goal. The newly released Re-Mission 2 is globally accessible and includes a downloadable app for mobile phones and tablets. We are once again working with HopeLab, this time to get Re-Mission 2: Nanobot’s Revenge into the hands (smart phones and tablets) of every young person battling cancer in the world!

Re-Mission 2 puts players inside the body to fight cancer with weapons like chemotherapy, antibiotics and the body’s natural defenses. Game play parallels real-world strategies. For example, Nanobot gets help from tough Lymphoma Warriors and fierce PredniSoliders that rampage through evil Nuclear Tyrant’s cancerous forces.

Imagine the emotional benefits for a young cancer patient being able to tell to his parents, doctors, or even his friends that he “totally kicked Nuclear Tyrant’s butt!” (Quote is from the game.) But the benefits aren’t just emotional, and we don’t have to imagine them.

A young cancer patient plays Re-Mission 2 in a hospital waiting room.
Scientific studies and qualitative user research have shown that the games boost players’ positive feelings, increase self-efficacy (their belief in their ability to fight cancer) and shift attitudes about chemotherapy. All of these benefits lead to better treatment adherence – and better outcomes for the patients. The research, along with direct input from over 120 young cancer patients, was critical to the design and development of Re-Mission 2.

So, from CNN to social media in China, we’ve started spreading the word – and the App! We want to give every young person with cancer one more weapon in their arsenal as they take on the fight of their lives

Where to see it, where to get it: Visit the Cigna media arc for more information, including videos, detailed descriptions, photos, and links to the free app downloads.

Re-Mission 2 is available for free download at 137 on-line news outlets all over the world. We’ve gotten the story (and the app) placed in the United States, China, India, Korea, the United Kingdom, and more!