Air Quality Alert:  Understand the Risks and Protect Yourself
The air pollution in China has been recorded at levels that can be unsafe for your health.  Here are some recommendations to help you protect yourself and your family:
  1.  Keep informed Visit the Ministry of Environmental Protection of The People’s Republic of China website for the daily updates on air quality by city:

  2. Learn from experts.Read what the world’s leading authorities have to say about  air quality and health:
    ·  Visit the World Health Organization’s website:

    ·  Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website:

    ·  Visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency website:

  3. Plan accordingly.Limit your time outdoors when pollution levels are high and plan outdoor activities when pollution levels are lowest.

  4. Stay indoors.When outdoor air quality is poor, stay inside and keep windows closed.  Use air conditioning, which filters the air in your home.

  5. Prepare yourself. If you need to go outside, wear face masks to block airborne particles and stay away from high traffic and industrial areas, from heavy pollutant vehicles e.g. lorries and buses, when pollution levels are high.

  6. Know your limits. If you experience a respiratory reaction while outdoors or during exercise, stop your activity. If outdoors, go inside.