Cigna Global Health Benefits Named
Employee Benefits and Services Provider of the Year in Asia 
Cigna Global Health Benefits Asia-Pacific won the award for “Employee Benefits and Services Provider of the Year” at the recent annual Asian Expatriate Management and Mobility Award (EMMA) in Hong Kong.

The EMMAs are widely known as the “Oscars” of the globally mobile profession, and the award Cigna received was for its overall excellence work in the field of employee health benefit insurance.

As an important part of Cigna Global Health Benefits Asia-Pacific, CIGNA & CMC healthcare product department helps to promote and develop the market in China, and played an active role in gaining the award this time.

According to one of the panel judges from the Forum for Expatriate Management team (FEM) at the Asia-Pacific Global Mobility Summit, “Cigna’s flexible approach and commitment to the individual customer can ease some of the pain and frustration that can be present in difficult medical situations.”

“Receiving this award on behalf of the Cigna team is an honor. Being recognized by some of the most respected names in the Global Mobility industry validates that our commitment to our customers and partners is making a difference at many levels. It also demonstrates the value we provide to our customers by providing easy access to quality health care around the world,” said Ken Vaughan, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Products, CIGNA & CMC Life Insurance Company Limited / Managing Director, Cigna Global Health Benefits, Asia-Pacific Region. “This achievement will continue to inspire us to improve and build our service proposition and solution set to meet our customers’ global health care needs.”

(the gentleman holding the certificate is Mr. Ken Vaughan, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Products, CIGNA & CMC / Managing Director, CGHB Asia Pacific)