Now Available: Chinese version of CignaEnvoy!
In December 2012 we launched an enhanced language tool on CignaEnvoy® to make it easier for Chinese-speakers to use our member portal. When logging onto the site, users can now select simplified Chinese to access their plan details and services.

The new web portal presents an attractive and useful educational tool for Chinese expats and Key Local Nationals in APAC region. Users can also click on the Chinese language link located in the upper-right corner of the page to learn more about the new interface changes.

“We believe this new language option in CignaEnvoy® helps to improve customer experience, as we build a big business in China. We’re working for the client to make things easier for them and their employees. This change allows Cigna to continue delivering customer-centric solutions around the world.” said Ken Vaughan, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Region.

We are making a concerted effort in the development of localized web pages for our Chinese-users, keeping convenience and ease at the forefront of these updates. Additional Chinese language enhancements will be added to the website platform in 2013. We’ll notify you and your affected employees of these changes.