Location:Shanghai , China Hi everyone, we are the claims team from the operations department based in Shanghai, China.
The claims process is an important part of the business process aimed at serving our customer and improving the customer experience with Cigna.
Please find the six simple steps required for successful claim submission in mainland China.

Hello, I'm Sharon Pollock from Overseas Team.

We were having a day at the horse race course! (I am the one in the blue dress.)
Customer Service Team Supervisor
Location: Greenock, Scotland

Hiya, we are the UK Customer Service teams.

Did you know?
Greenock is a historic industrial town by the Firth of Clyde, 25 miles west of Glasgow. Greenock grew from a fishing community to become the site of the first dock on the Clyde in 1711. Shipbuilding and overseas trade transformed Greenock over the subsequent centuries.
The town's maritime history is shown at the Custom House Museum, while the McLean Museum and Art Gallery dedicates a room to Greenock's most famous son, the steam engine pioneer James Watt.
Much of the west end of Greenock retains its impressive Victorian buildings, not least the 245-foot Victoria Tower crowning the town hall. Ferries run from Victoria Harbour along the Firth of Clyde to Dunoon and other destinations.
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