The Chronic Condition Management Program has been proven successful in the U.S., and lots of customers continue to benefit from our management program.

Thus, its our pleasure to now offer you the Cigna & CMB Chronic Condition Management Program that provides the following comprehensive services:

  • Communicate with dedicate registered nurse to get professional advice
  • Referrals to hospitals / doctors upon request
  • Help make appointment in selected hospitals
  • Coordinate pharmacy delivery in Shanghai and Beijing
  • Provide regular health flier to help you understand the condition better and live a
         healthier life
         More to come……

Please call our Customer Service line at 400 820 0955 or send us an email at for more information.

p.s. One of the features of our Chronical Disease Management package is the pharmacy delivery service.

For your convenience, Cigna & CMB has launched a new pharmacy delivery service that collects and delivers to your doorstep medication for your chronic conditions. We will also make payment for what is covered under your Cigna & CMB policy directly to the pharmacy.

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