Spring is coming and it's a new beginning. Let's embrace the warmth and participate in more outdoor exercise activities. While doing so, we should still be aware of the air quality. Please take a look at our infographics in the "Healthy You" section for recommendations on how to stay healthy when heading outdoors. Your Cigna team is quite active in sports and fitness activities, and we recently organized a mini-marathon that was so popular that registration filled up fast. Read more in the "What's New" section.

Considering the recent tragedy that happened on the Malaysia airline flight, we should cherish what we have, take care of ourselves physically and mentally, and enjoy life with our family and friends. In short, we need to live for the moment. If you are feeling frustrated or worried, whether due to the recent issues happening in your work or your family life, please reach out to our counselors through Cigna & CMB's IEAP service center. (Please visit the customer portal, Cigna Envoy®).

In a world where too many things happen, let's not just keep kindness to ourselves. Sometimes deeds are better than words when people are in need of help. The volunteers in Cigna & CMB visited the kids in Bo'ai Rehabilitation Center in Shanghai and celebrated Christmas & New Year with them. Lots of fun and warm moments were captured in the photos we'll share in the "What's New" section.

As you can see, we have a lot to share in this issue. Please click here to read more. We sincerely hope that the content may benefit you and your family.

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