Cigna & CMB Assist

Our goal is to deliver exceptional service and provide you with access to the best quality healthcare. To ensure this directive, we have deployed our NEW Cigna & CMB ASSIST services to all of our local customers effective January 1, 2012.

Appointment services are available for all public hospitals in our network. In addition, we will work with our customers to secure appointments at select out-of-network public facilities.

Accompaniment services are available for the following treatments in select public facilities across our network.

1. All inpatient stays (including maternity deliveries);
2. All day surgeries;
3. Lab testing and radiological examination (such as PET-CT, MRI, CT) with amount
    above RMB 3,000.

Local Expert Second Opinion – A complement to our Global Second Opinion Service

In addition to providing our Global Second Opinion Service via E-Cleveland Clinic, the leading provider worldwide, we now offer local 2nd Opinion services through top tier public medical facilities in China.

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