A Warm Winter with Warm Hearts

Cigna China recently organized two community events with Shanghai Bo'ai Children's Rehabilitation Center – a Center that provides rehabilitation and special education services to children with disabilities.

Over 20 volunteers visited the children, played games, and decorated a wall in the Center. The volunteers also presented gifts to the children and staff to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The greeting cards, red gloves, caps and scarves are traditional wishes for a warm winter.

Feedback from the participants:

"Helping others truly make us happier", said Lorelai Jin, marketing team.
"This is the very first time I met children of the stars (a name for children with autism). I hope these special children someday live in a better environment where the words majority, minority, normal, abnormal are no longer important," said Grace Xia, sales and CM team.
"After these events, it becomes clear how grateful we should be for everything we have in our lives. I think we receive much more than we give when we give a small amount of time, care and attention to these beautiful children," said Christine Xi, clinical team.

Established on April 1, 1996, the Center focuses on children with cerebral palsy, and has recently started to provide rehabilitation and education to children with autism and Down's syndrome. Forty-two children, ranging from two to 14 years of age, currently attend the Center. The Center's rehabilitation and education programs enable disabled children to participate in everyday life and ultimately integrate into society.

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