Cigna Promotes Healthy
Living at Shanghai International Marathon

The 2013 Shanghai International Marathon on December 1, 2013 attracted over 35,000 people, including 5,000 from more than 80 countries around the world. And Cigna was there to cheer them on.

The Asia-Pacific Cigna Global Health Benefits (CGHB) marketing team organized a special mini-marathon (5K, or 3.1-mile, run) with the Sales and Client Management teams. The race proved very popular, with registration filling up in a matter of days, including more than 70 people from business partners. This reflects the growing popularity of running in China.

Not only did this strengthen Cigna's relationship with these valued business partners; this also encouraged them to live a healthier, more active lifestyle – very much aligned with Cigna's mission.

The Shanghai marathon route includes many city landmarks, so runners enjoyed not only the fun of running, but also the best views of the city.

"It was such a memorable way to spend the weekend," said one attendee after the run. "I feel so great after running, energetic and relaxed. Thanks, Cigna."

Cigna team members and business partners resting after the race Some of the runners at the start of the Shanghai International Marathon Attendees from the Asia-Pacific CGHB Marketing team
cheer on runners at the finish line
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