World Cup is now everywhere! During the World Cup season, no matter whether you are a soccer fan, you will be affected by the growing passion and get involved spontaneously. The World Cup this time held in Brazil, and by suffering of time lag, many soccer fans will have to watch soccer game overnight, and non-soccer fans probably cannot sleep well because of the scoring cheers from next door. Although it is hard to make up the physical damage caused by staying up, but for such fascinating event once every four years, passion overcomes everything, we wonder: who will sleep? While cheering, what can we do to reduce the damage to our health caused by overnight?

Here are some Must-see Tips for Watching Soccer Match Overnight

1. Pay attention to dinner before overnight watching
It is recommended to have your meal one to two hours before watching soccer game overnight, prefer in warm or food with high protein, as well as vegetables and fruits, especially bananas. Bananas provide Tyrosine to our brain, which supply human body energy and enhance concentration.
Meanwhile, eat less pure sugary and fatty food. Please keep this in mind, do not have instant noodles or junk food such as potato chips for the sake of convenience, because such food is not easily digestible and increases blood cholesterol. They are extremely bad for your health.

2. Take a nap before watching soccer game overnight
To better enjoy overnight games, we suggest taking a nap before watching, so as to reserve more energy to keep up. In this way, you will not miss any wonderful shots while suffering sleepiness.

3. Keeping warm and have more water intake when watching soccer game overnight Have enough water, prefer in warm, to replenish your dehydrated body after stay up. Furthermore, carbonated drinks are not recommended as well.
Caffeine may refresh you but only lasts very short. It also depletes the Vitamin B which related to the coordination of nerves and muscles in your body. In addition, shortage on Vitamin B will make you feel even more tired than usual and causing a vicious cycle.
Before stay up, you could take one multivitamin tablet to prevent overdrawing your energy and stamina.

4. Three steps for relaxing after staying up:

Step 1: Have some food first
Please do have breakfast after watching soccer game overnight. Light and stomach warming food are more favorable, and moderation is key instruction. Do not have fried food.
Meanwhile, have more water instead of coffee, tea or carbonated beverages. It is suggested to appropriately have different fruits, such as strawberry, honey melon, watermelon and orange, to supply body fluids. Special note: do not forget to have eggs, milk or soy milk.

Step 2: Relief of physically and mentally exhausted
Recommend to soak your feet in hot water, also masking your face with wet towel to moisturize for 5-10 minutes after cleaning your face. It may help you for a quality sleep.

Step 3: The importance of sleep
What is the best treatment for recovering damage caused by stay up? Absolutely, it is sleep! If you sleep in daytime, It is more important to choose where you sleep, a dark place at indoor temperature 20-23℃ without noise and electronic device disturbing is recommended, meanwhile, have a nice sleep and wake up naturally.

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