Hi Everyone, Great news from Cigna & CMB!

We won the Quality Premium Healthcare Service Provider of the Year Award at the Shanghai Insurance Industry Annual Award Ceremony. We now possess the largest provider network in the healthcare insurance business in mainland China, both in terms of number of providers and number of covered cities.

Please click "What's New" and "Service Spotlight" sections for more details. We hope you enjoy the benefits from exciting achievements.

Many of us have loads of work and many festive gatherings to attend during this time of year. Coping with stress and taking care of our mind and body seems more challenging than ever.

Let's take a look at how we can enjoy stress-free healthy eating when eating out and getting takeaways. Be sure to read the "Benefits of the Support Network" story in the "Healthy You section" for more information.

Happy Reading!

A busy lifestyle may mean that you resort to time saving options like takeaways or eating out more often than cooking at home. These foods often have more fat, salt and calories than you realize. Eating well is important for your overall health, not to mention for coping with stress.

Follow our tips to ensure your food healthy, as well as fast.

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