Life is like a mirror
if you smile at her
then she will smile at you

Network Assistant Manager
Location: China

Hello everyone, I am Tina from the Network team.

Our team is responsible for direct billing medical provider development and maintenance. I used to be a nurse and worked in a government hospital.
I love photography for observing objects from different viewpoints. I enjoy the feeling of capturing beautiful moments.
Tip for Customers:
Members can enjoy cashless medical services in our medical provider network! When you visit a medical facility in our network, please remember to bring your insurance card and ID card or passport to show to medical staff for verification. In order to save time, normally we suggest you call a hospital or clinic to enquire whether the doctor you want to see is available or not. For government hospitals, it is difficult to fix the exact time for consultation, so you need to wait for a while sometimes.
Network Director-North East Asia
Location: North East Asia Hi, I'm Amy Tang. Cigna has one of the most extensive and growing network of more than 1 million globally contracted health care professionals positioned virtually everywhere you are around the world. We are able to make payment in most local currencies worldwide. We have 40+ Network Professionals around the world supporting network growth & maintenance.
Tip for Customers:
Before your medical visit, we suggest you visit Cigna Envoy at to locate a network provider. These are medical professionals who provide high quality medical service, with language capability and direct billing arrangement. Should you need any assistance during your visit at the network provider, please feel free to contact our 24 hour hotline with the phone no. indicated on your medical card. Last but not least, please remember to present your Cigna medical card upon the network provider's visit.
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