CIGNA & CMB Life Insurance Co. Ltd. ("CIGNA & CMB") was established by CIGNA Corporation and a China Merchants Group affiliate in 2003.

Founded in 1792, CIGNA Corporation is a global health company that provides medical, dental, behavioural health, pharmacy and vision care benefits, as well as group and individual life, accident and disability insurance to approximately 47 million people around the world. As the largest provider of employer sponsored international benefits and services, CIGNA has been operating in China since 1897 with a CIGNA predecessor company being the first American insurance company to be granted a license by the Qing Dynasty Government.

CIGNA & CMB provides the Chinese market with a fully compliant healthcare product that delivers the same best-in-class services which have made CIGNA the world's leading global benefits provider.

Our healthcare products are managed through a unique local and global delivery structure that leverages CIGNA & CMB local practice and CIGNA's worldwide capabilities, to ensure the best service in China. We have accomplished this by establishing local service operations in China that are linked to CIGNA's global healthcare service centers and networks. By doing so, our customers can be assured of a seamless, quality service in China and throughout the world.



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