International Advance Medical Insurance Plus

International Medical Insurance Plus is an optional benefit designed to enhance your essential cover by giving you additional and more extensive outpatient care. If you choose to add this benefit to your plan, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that any treatment that does not involve a hospital stay is covered - including outpatient care, specialist consultations, prescribed outpatient drugs and dressings, physiotherapy, osteopathy and much more.



  Benefit limit

Annual benefit - Maximum per beneficiary

Up to  ¥ 63,000 per period of cover

Consultations with Medical Practitioners and Specialists

Paid in full

Diagnostic testing

Paid in full


Paid in full

Osteopathy and chiropractic treatment

Up to a combined maximum of 30 visits per period of cover.

Paid in full

Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine

Up to a combined maximum of 15 visits per period of cover.

Paid in full

Restorative speech therapy

Provided on a short-term basis following a condition such as a stroke.

Paid in full

Drugs and dressings

When prescribed by a medical practitioner on an outpatient basis.

Up to ¥ 12,500 shown per period of cover

Rental of durable medical equipment

Up to a maximum of 45 days in the period of cover.

Paid in full

Adult vaccinations

Paid in full

Accidental dental treatment

We will pay for dental treatment required for the damage to the beneficiary’s sound natural tooth/teeth as the result ofan accident. Treatment must commence immediately afterthe accident and be completed within 30 days of the date ofthe accident.

Paid in full

Well child tests

Payable for children at appropriate age intervals up to the age of 6. For full details please contact CIGNA &CMC.

Paid in full

Child immunisations

Payable for children aged 17 or younger.

Paid in full

Annual routine tests

One eye test and hearing test for children under the age of 15.

Paid in full

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  Benefit limit

Deductible (various)

A deductible is a portion of a claim or claims that is not covered by your plan.

¥0 / ¥1,000 / ¥6,500


Coinsurance is the percentage of your claim not covered by your plan.  
The coinsurance amount is calculated after the deductible is taken into account.

No coinsurance

10% coinsurance

20% coinsurance

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