International Health and Wellbeing

If you like to take charge in looking after your health then International Health and Wellbeing is a good choice for you. This benefit will cover you for screenings, tests, examinations, counselling support for a range of life crises and tailored advice. Also, you will have support through our online health education and health risk assessment, helping you to take control and manage your health the way you want - regardless of your age.



  Benefit limit

Routine adult physical exams

This benefit will be paid for, or in connection with, routine physical examinations for persons over the age of 18 years old.

Up to ¥3,000 per period of cover

Pap smear

We will pay for an annual Papanicolaou screening.

Paid in full

Prostate cancer screening

We will pay for an annual prostate cancer screening for men aged 50 years or older.

Paid in full

Mammograms for breast cancer screening or diagnostic purposes

We will pay for:

  • one baseline mammogram for asymptomatic women aged 35-39
  • a mammogram for asymptomatic women aged 40-49 every two years or more if medically necessary
  • a mammogram every year for women aged 50 and over

Paid in full

Bowel cancer screening

We will pay for an annual bowel cancer screening for beneficiaries aged 55 or older.

Paid in full

Bone densitometry

We will pay for an annual scan to determine the density of the beneficiary's bones.

Paid in full

Dietetic consultations

We will pay for up to 4 meetings with a dietician per period of cover.

Paid in full

Life management (customer assistance programme)

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Up to 5 face-to-face sessions with a professional counsellor
  • Provides information, resources, and counselling on any work, life, personal, or family issue that matters to you
  • Convenient online counselling via E-counselling
  • Unlimited telephonic support
  • SMS texting text the support you need and receive a call back
  • Crisis support

Paid in full

Online health education, health assessment and web based coaching programmes

Paid in full

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