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 Who Stole Your 
 Who Stole Your 
Whether do you forget what you want to say when the words are on the tip of your tongue? Whether do you forget why you come here when you walk into the room? Whether do you often forget where you place the mobile phone, keys and wallet? We don’t know when to start that “Amnesia” is no longer the patent of old people and many young people have joined the camp of amnesia.
“Sorry, I forgot”This sentence appears more frequently like a pet phrase in the modern life. Who stole our memory? Is amnesia a disease on earth? How can we stop forgetting anything? By integrating foreign multiple studies, we will help you expel the “forgetfulness worm” in your brain.
Amnesia is related to occupations
An investigation carried out by Russia’s top job website (Superjob) indicates that the practitioners engaging in the occupations that make people get insufficient sleep, including security guard, university teacher, worker and driver, generally suffer from memory deterioration.
Amnesia is related to occupations
Five bad habits leading to amnesia
Five bad habits leading to amnesia
The food contains the nutrients necessary for the brain, so long-term dieting will lead to memory deterioration.
Chasing soap operas
Chasing soap operas and entertainment programs will
make the life monotonous and affect independent thinking,
thereby causing memory damage.
Excessive drinking and smoking
An investigation carried out by the scientists indicates
that the possibility of memory deterioration is
10% for the people who often drink wine and
Addicted to electronic products
By relying on computer and mobile phone to remember
some information, the “memory area” in the brain cannot
be effectively stimulated for a long time and
thus the memory function will decline.
Unwariness of teethcare
An investigation carried out by a foreign scientific research
institution indicates that the people who have healthy teeth
have a better memory, as toothache or tooth
extraction will make the area that is
responsible for short-time memory
and information processing in the
brain suffer from hypo function
Three stages of amnesia symptoms
It will take a long time to develop from amnesia to senile dementia. If the family members can help the old people get early treatment when they have the early symptoms of amnesia, the incidence of senile dementia can be effectively prevented or delayed.
Three stages of amnesia symptoms
Three stages of amnesia symptoms
The first stage, also called the forgetfulness period
Features: obvious deterioration of memory
Think for a few minutes to remember the parking spot.
Suddenly forget the name of some thing.
Forget calling back to the friend.
Forget where some thing was just placed.
Forget a trivia that the friend told you the day before.
People’s short-term memory easily shifts. Many petty things will be rapidly erased from the memory to make room for remembering more important things. Sometimes, pressure, sadness and sleep deprivation will affect memory.
Three stages of amnesia symptoms
The second stage, also called the chaotic period2015/12/22
Features: The symptoms in the first stage are obviously aggravated.
Forget the names of close relatives or friends.
Couldn’t recognize their faces.
Find placing something at a wrong place, like forgetting pulling up the key after
opening the door.
Repeat the question that has been asked like half an hour ago.
Have personality changes, like suddenly becoming quiet for the people who
always love communication.
Analysis:Many of the symptoms above may be caused by depression, pressure or inattention but also may be the early symptoms of senile dementia. At this stage, the memory isn’t affected yet but the brain area in charge of vision has been impaired.
Three stages of amnesia symptoms
The third stage, also called the extreme dementia period
Features: The patients enter into the comprehensive state of recession and can not take care of themselves in their life.
Don’t realize there has been a cup of tea when they want to pour a cup of tea.
Forget the names of grandchildren but have very vivid memory of their childhood.
Don’t know how to do housework, like washing the dishes.
Have a serious problem in judgment, like wearing overcoat in summer.
Confound with the family member relationship.
Don’t know the family members.
Analysis: The senile dementia will damage the hippocampus that is in charge of short-term memory in the brain, but the long-term memory is usually not impaired.
Three stages of amnesia symptoms
Expel “Forgetfulness Worm” and Get Back the Memory
The memory deterioration has essential difference at various ages and thus their actual symptoms are also different. As for the elderly people, here are some recommended tips for their reference:
1、Try to have more talk with others and participate in social activities.
According to the research carried out by Harvard University, participating in voluntary activities and frequent travel can prolong four years of the lifespan, but the possibility of senile dementia for the people who feel lonely in later life is twice as much as that of common people. Therefore, the old people should frequently participate in collective activities to increase the communication with others.
2、Guard against cardio-cerebrovascular disease and frequently do outdoor activities.
Cardio-cerebrovascular disease is the “memory killer”. The old people can frequently do outdoor activities, breathe fresh air and open windows to let fresh air in at home to protect the brain cells.
Expel “Forgetfulness Worm” and Get Back the Memory
3、Read, write and draw.

An investigation carried out in Australia finds that participating in some leisure activities that stimulate the brain can reduce the risk of developing dementia by half or the old people also can do the daily activities in different ways, like brushing teeth with the other hand.
4、Eat more apples.

A research carried out by Cornell University shows that apple is rich in antioxidant substance and thus eating an apple every day can prevent senile dementia and fresh vegetables and fish are also good for the old people.
The young people may try the following five suggestions to enhance the memory.
1、 Have enough sleep.
Insufficient sleep time will make the brain in a state of depletion, thereby affecting the attention and the ability to recall the information. Therefore, keeping sufficient sleep is an important approach for enhancing the memory.
2、 Make good use of small tools, like memorandum.
The appearance of forgetfulness mainly arises from ineffective time management and poor planning. If the things can be written down by level and the important and urgent things are done first, many troubles will be reduced.
Expel “Forgetfulness Worm” and Get Back the Memory
5、Relax yourself.

Behave relaxed and confident consciously perhaps with the help of music, yoga, meditation and other methods.
4、 Practice your memory within a limited time.

Do regular brain exercises, remember the numbers, names and words within the given time or take along several business cards of the clients, and then memorize the telephone numbers and addresses printed on the card.
3、Often chew gum
A research carried out by a university in Japan shows that chewing may prevent the deterioration of memory. Therefore, they think that often chewing gum is a good method for stimulating the brain memory while the food intake is not increased.
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