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  A Perfect Season for Your Healthy Life  
The wonderful 2015 is about to draw to a close. Cigna & CMB as a true friend has shouldered the
important mission of keeping every family healthy and happy as it guided and
accompanied them in going through the year…….
In spring, everything comes back to life. It is also the time for you to sign a contract of health and promise to assume the heavy task of ensuring the health of the whole family by starting with yourself.
Scan the 2D to download “Perfect Life”
In summer, “Wonderful Life” always keeps a watchful eye on your health and helps you fulfill your promise.
Stories of trust that bring me to tears
In autumn, the warm Festival of Xiaonuo Fans arrives and we thank you for your persistent trust and companion. I am Cigna & CMB and I have never lied.
Medical insurance policy, make love not notch
In winter, you can ask yourself whether you have fulfilled your contract of health for this year? Don’t forget your original plan. Sum up your experience and make correction to baptize your soul with health and keep on heading toward perfection. Cigna & CMB and I have never lied.
Making a healthy plan for your perfect life
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