• “When we were young, we sacrificed our health to gain wealth.
    When we became old, we use wealth to get healthier.”

    ——This is exactly what is happening right now in our workplace, but is the relationship
    between wealth and health like you cannot eat your cake and have it?
    Can we balance our wealth and health?
  • Did you once throw up because you need to accompany your clients for a social drinking so as to make a deal?
    Do you usually prefer medicine or just let it be when you felt uncomfortable at work?
    Do you often fail to take your three meals regularly?
    Are you a picky eater? More into meat or unhealthy food?
  • Do you think quality is more useful than social activities with clients?
    Are you preparing to be more family-oriented after you gain enough money through hard work?
    Can you spare 30 minutes to exercise every day?
    Do you take a health check-up every six months no matter how busy you are?
  • Do you work overtime quite often and could not go to bed before 11 p.m.?
    Can you accompany your family during most of the weekends?
    Can you get rid of your stress in a health way?
    Are you feeling guilty for not being able to accompany your family?