I took a family trip to Japan with my hubby and kid to relax ourselves.
Unfortunately my 3-year old baby got sick all of a sudden. I had to visit a local hospital in Japan.
The language barrier was a big issue back then for my husband is German and I am Chinese. We could only use very simple English and body language to communicate with the doctors, and this did not really work.
I called Cigna & CMB for help as my last resort.
Cigna & CMB worked out a plan right away. They took care of Guarantee of Payment (GOP), and helped us to find the right hospital and doctor with direct billing service.
When I reached Beijing airport, Cigna & CMB had appointed their team to pick us up and arranged the ambulance in advance to make sure the journey to the hospital was safe and smooth.
The kid was diagnosed as abdominal allergic purpura. Cigna & CMB team kept us informed about the status while staying in close touch with the doctors.
My baby girl got a full recovery at last. I feel like the people at Cigna & CMB understand us, helping and encouraging us every step of the way.
We are dedicated to improving our customers’ health, well-being and sense of security all the time with our medical expertise and professional service attitude.