Dear Expecting Mothers:
Congratuiations on your step intoa new stage of your life--becoming areal mother! We are here to provide customized health care plans and 360-degree assistance for join Cigan & CMB Healthy Mum Club right you and your new-bom baby.Why not now!
Health Information
  Pregnancy flyers
  Greeting and follow-up calls
Direct Billing Service
  Total 495 medical facilities in mainland China
  39 public and 40 private medical facili ties providing direct billing service of maternity benefits
  Top OB-GYN facilities in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities
Case Management
  Dedicated case manager
  Global and local resource support
  Hospital recommendation
  Making appointment
  High-risk maternity management
IEAP(International Employee
Assistance Program)
  Helping with any issues resulting from pregnancy, such as insomnia, anxiety and depression
  Providing professional counseling and medical help