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Life is an unknown journey, which is always full of joy, love and friendship. All the time, we are with you as a friend, witnessing every moment of your life that is full of meaning. These sections were recorded , you may find that each story is reflecting people's love for the family.

When I was having dinner with my father and mother one day, I suddenly found that my mother's hair is white, and although my economic situation is not quite good for now, I really want to give my parents one more health protection, and over many years, I have been always appreciating your toblerance for my distressing state at that time.
Last summer, I was sick and in hospital, and my family contacted the Cigna & CMB through customer service phone for claim application, however, I thought that such claim must be rather time-consuming, I really did not expect that I could be able to receive the reimbursement even before I left the hospital, and the duration for the settlement of claim was only 3 days, which was unexpectedly quick and efficient.
One day, I accidentally noticed that my kid wrote down “Daddy has promised to take me out to play, but never made it true, I hate my daddy!” in his diary that was a bit shocking to be frank, I would like to provide my child the best material conditions, but I did unfortunately ignore the child's feelings, so from now on, I will pay more time to be with my kid.
My father was diagnosed with gastric cancer in May, and he was only 47 years old . He suffered the greatest pain, after the treatment of total gastrectomy, he felt so painful when the anesthetic drug lost effectiveness, and I can’t do anything but sat on the edge of the bed and held his hand with one hand, with the other wiping tears I really don’t want to experience such feeling of helplessness.
I was just a childish child when I first known the Cigna & CMB, when an accident ruined my peaceful life, my father was died, and I undertook the responsibility of taking care of my mother and young sister. When I can’t hold on, it is Cigna & CMB who helped me, and in my heart, Cigna & CMB is my friend, I really appreciate them.

These stories are from our customers, and we always get touched and moved from such ordinary life.It is love and responsibility that make us to travel forward in the journey of life. Cigna & CMB appreciates the trust from our customers, and we have been always working hard to be your trustworthy and reliable partner.

In the newly-released report of Fortune 500 Companies, our Chinese and American Shareholders are ranking respectively No. 235 and No. 338.
The premium of Cigna & CMB from Jan to Aug, 2015 was showing a sustainable and rapid development
The premium achieved RMB 5.65 billion in the first eight months, and still ranking top 3 among 28 foreign life insurance companies.
Premium income achieves RMB 5,650,000,000 Ranking top 3 of 28 foreign life-insurance companies
Our customer, Mr. Ao , died on his way driving home due to an accident, when we confirmed the status, we paid the beneficiary the insurance money of RMB 2,802,000 immediately.
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