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  Insurance contributes to a healthier way of running!  
Insurance contributes to a healthier way of running!
On March 27, the long anticipated 2016 Dongguan Songshan Lake International Marathon kicked off. As the only insurance provider officially designated for the event, Cigna & CMB provided accident insurance throughout the event, and also Cigna & CMB joined the runners for a health running!
Dongguan Marathon including four events:
Event 1:Full range
Event 2:Half range
Event 3:8km mini-marathon
Event 4:5km Carnival fun run
*including distinctive parades of the parent-children, lovers, and exhibition of science and technology.
This is the first time Cigna & CMB has ever provided large-scale sponsorship for an international event. Team Cigna & CMB is bursting with excitement…and is eager to inaugurate this event by joining with a large numbers of sports fans in this opportunity!
12 Stretches to make your marathon easier:
Where there is life, there is movement!
We not only need to have a sports-loving heart, but also should incorporate these exercise tips:
4 Precautions for marathon runners:
1.Distribution of energy in various events.
 The planned distribution of energy in the 5km event: steady running at one’s usual speed, is the best way to run a marathon. This approach is most often used. A runner needs to carefully analyze their own strengths and create a detailed running plan.
2.Standard posture and slow exertion.
 Intense exertion at the beginning of the race is not the best plan; it will increase the strain on heart muscles. Instead, transit from slow to fast pace and from light to heavy exertion with a gradual increase of intensity that provides the body with a reasonable period of adaptation.
3.Scientific water drinking is essential in exercise.
 People perspire more and lose water quickly while exercising. It is essential to replace the lost water through drinking. However, excessive drinking will produce urine and increase water loss. The better approach is to drink a small amount of water, often, during exercise and continue drinking through the entire process.
4.Proper cooling after exercise.
 After exercise, the body needs time to cool down and the pulse to return to normal. You can slow down your activity gradually, until your pulse returns to 120/min or less. The final “cooling” is completed when you feel that your heartbeat has returned to normal and your respiration has slowed gradually.
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