Get Healthy
How to Read the Food Package Smartly  
How to eat healthy is not an easy task to realize. It not only requires us to focus on the combination of the vegetables and meat as well as the nutrition match; but also understand the “secrete” on the food package so that the profound label on the food package could be actually useful and meaningful to you. Let’s take a look at how to read the food package smartly.
Be a Fine “Foodie”
As a “foodie” yearning for the gourmet. sometimes he or she might ignore the nutrient match when pursuing the new and delicious food. How to be a smart“foodie”? Let’s step into the Nutrient Pagoda of Chinese Dietary Guideline to make an exploration.
Nutrient Pagoda of Chinese Dietary Guideline
Oil 25-30g
Salt 6g
Milk and dairy product 300g
Beans and nut 30-50g
Meats 50-75d
Fish and shrimp 50-100g
Eggs 25-50g
Vegetables 300-500g
Fruits 200-400g
Frumentum, potatoes and mixed beans 250-400g
Water 1200ml
Nutrient Pagoda of Chinese Dietary Guideline
It is shown in the survey that the proportion of the people that prefer to observe the food label in the supermarket is less than 25%, and the consumer mastering the meaning behind the labels are even less. Therefore, keeping a healthy diet to a foodie means healthy as well as tasty. Mastering the meaning on the food package is the best way; the following basic common knowledge will help you to understand the information about the package; make careful check and comparisons can surely help you to make a best choice.
Secret on the Food “Coat”
Basic method for identifying the food label
The indicated content required in the food label includes: food name, ingredient list, net content, drain-off material, solid content, content, manufacturer name and address, manufacture date or package date, expiration date and product standard number.
The QS which means the party applying for the food security certificate is allowed to produce is required for the following 15 kinds of food such as: rice, flour, oil, soy sauce, vinegar, meat product, dairy product, beverage, condiment (sugar, gourmet powder), instant noodles, biscuit, can, freeze food and puffed food; therefore the QS sign should be checked when you buy the stuff.
All content of the food label should be clear and obvious, which is easy for consumer to identify and read when purchasing food, and not allowed to be vague or drop off in the process of transportation, and to be separated from the package container.
The language, word, graph and symbol on the food label must be accurate and scientific and meet the requirement of the Rule of the Prepackage Food Label, meanwhile all the information appeared on the label is not allowed to describe or introduce the food with the way which is fault, fake or easily to result in misunderstand.
Correct comprehension: “expiration period” is not equalto 
“storage period” of food
”Expiration period” refers to the certain period for keeping the food quality under the condition specified in the label and the best period for eating the food; once over this expiration date, the content of some nutrition elements may be decreased, but the hygienic meets the standard, and the food can be ate in a certain period.
Sign features:
“best period for drinking or eating it before X date” or “you’d better to eat or drink before X date”
”Storage period” refers to the final date for eating food under the condition specified in the label; over this period, the product quality may be changed, therefore the food cannot be sold.
Sign features:
“eat or drink before X date”
Digital secret on the plastic container
A triangle consisting of 3 arrowheads with figures from 1-7; “PET” words are printed under the label. The triangle consisting of 3 arrowheads refers to “can be recycled”, wherein the figure represents the announcements for using different material.
Thermal endurance: heat-resisting is up to 70℃
Virulence release: the cancerogen DEHP shall be released after 10 months, which hurts the body
Application scope: the water with normal temperature contained within a short period
Prohibited application scope: water with high temperature, acid-bade beverage and repeat usage
Suggested handling methods: dispose it after using; not be treated as a cup or container to contain other products so as to avoid resulting in the health problem.
Digital secret on the plastic container
This kind of product is not suggested to use again since it is not easy to be absolutely cleaned
Digital secret on the plastic container
Thermal endurance: heat-resisting is up to 60℃
Virulence release: the VCM may be released over 60℃; it may cause the diseases such as tumor in liver and gall, breast cancer and birth defect after contacting PVC for a long time.
Better not buy it.
Digital secret on the plastic container
Thermal endurance: heat-resisting is up to 110℃
Virulence release: hot melting may occur to over 110℃, which may create some plastic leftovers that human body cannot decompose.
When putting the food into the microwave oven, firstly take down the plastic wrap.
Digital secret on the plastic container
Application:Consist of PP polypropylene, which is the unique plastic box that could be put into the microwave oven, and reusable.
Special Attention:with regard to some microwave oven-based meal box, the main body is manufactured with No. 5 PP standards, but the cap is manufactured with No.1 PE which cannot be put into the microwave oven together with body.
Please put down the cap before putting the container into microwave oven.
Digital secret on the plastic container
Features:High transparence, falling-resistance, but bad duration
Boiling water is not allowed to contain
Digital secret on the plastic container
Features:Heat-resistance and cold resistance
Prohibited application: Be put into the microwave oven, contain the strong acid (such as orange juice), and strong alkaline stuff
Special Attention:Avoid using the snack box to pack the hot food.
The instant noodle is not allowed to boil by using the microwave oven.
Digital secret on the plastic container
No. 3 and No.6 have the highest toxic

the No.5 and No.7 seem better; the plastic product is highly recommended in daily usage.
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